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Some pseudoscience!

This website is about dowsing but not the dowsing that you might have heard about. It is not about the application of dowsing in searching for water or minerals. It is concerned with the properties and effects of what is here called spin torsion radiation, radiation that is responsible for the dowsing effect.

Not everyone has the ability to dowse but the experiments described here can be carried out by a large proportion of the population and they can be done indoors in controlled environments. Torsion fields are commonly labelled as pseudoscience but taken together the experiments described here challenge that characterisation and have the capability of providing one of the biggest advances in recent history of our understanding of the physical world.

Albert Einstein was unhappy with the instantaneous "spooky-action-at-a-distance" aspects of quantum mechanics, the science that currently underpins our understanding of the nature of reality. He declared that quantum mechanics must be incomplete and spent his last years unsuccessfully attempting to reconcile relativity and quantum mechanics.

The experiments that we describe indicate that spin torsion radiation has a very high frequency, travels through matter unattenuated and just like the now proven spooky-action-at-a-distance transfer of information in a quantum teleportation experiment, appears to travel faster than light. With these properties it is a prime candidate for explaining many of the counter-intuitive aspects of quantum mechanics and thus expanding our knowledge of reality.

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Who are we ?

The research described on this site was originally started by the late Vincent Reddish who was formerly Astronomer Royal for Scotland, Regius Professor of Astronomy at the University of Edinburgh and Director of the Royal Observatory Edinburgh. Reddish was challenged in 1989 to find a scientific explanation for dowsing and discovered a very strange effect. Reddish's work has been continued to the present time by a group of scientists and engineers who have made some ground breaking new discoveries.

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Why is this site called spin torsion ?

Our research has been into the phenomena that cause the dowsing response, a response that is normally associated with the search for water or other entities. However it has always been believed that the radiation that caused the dowsing response must have much wider effects than those observed when dowsing for water. A name to describe this radiation was thus needed. The term spin torsion, first introduced by Elie Cartan has been used in earlier work by others and has been adopted here as a working name.


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